Jot It Down

We have carried around everything from playbooks to textbooks, lab manuals to autobiographies for someone who died 300 years ago. What do these all have in common? They were all attempts at a person or people to record and convey their own thoughts and ideals. It is amazing how much clearly things become when you […]

Express Yourself

From Madonna to N.W.A. the message is clear…you have to express yourself! I spoke earlier in the blog about the importance of having hobbies. I wanted to write this post to speak to the importance of creativity and creative outlets. Personally, I love tattoo’s and have gotten several over the course of my lifetime. I […]

The Burnout Is Real

Have you ever been tired? Like really tired. Like no matter how much you sleep you just can’t catch up tired. The thought of doing one more thing in the day fills you with an existential dread that makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning tired. You may be experiencing some […]

Love The Skin You Are In

I spent years lifting right, eating right, and running every day to turn my body into a machine capable of succeeding on the field. I loved my body because I knew it was the means by which I was able to succeed in my sport. I can’t lie it was also nice to be in […]

Shoot Your Shot

Seconds winding down on the clock, game on the line and the ball in your hand. That was the moment we all dreamed about. That chance to take a risk and come up big was worth laying everything on the line in that moment. Life holds the same chances for us to do something great. […]

Black Man in America

**I am going to start this post with a disclaimer that this has been my experience and I do not speak for everyone** That being said, I am tired. I am tired of every time I turn on my TV seeing somebody that looks like me “accidently” killed. I have great respect for the task […]

We Won’t Shut Up and Dribble

Athletes are placed on a pedestal in popular society, every action every comment followed with a fever that would put the Kardashian’s to shame. We glorify our athletes as hero’s but often make the mistake of not taking the time to see them as people. People with real problems from mental health to racism to […]

Keep Pushing

The road to your dreams is long, rough and rugged but you have come this far keep pushing forward. Laozi said that,” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. You are already walking the path keep pushing towards your goal. I was watching a great video from Inky Johnson where he […]

Fight the Good Fight

2 Timothy 4:7 “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Keep pushing… life is hard, and the world doesn’t make sense at times. Bad things will happen to good people who don’t deserve it. Good things happen to bad people who equally don’t deserve it. Our […]

All The Time in The World

That alarm starts ringing, its 4 o’clock, time to start getting ready for those 5 am workouts, then meetings, practice, class, study hall and home to do it all over again. For a good part of your life as an athlete your days were very structured and controlled. Every moment of the day accounted for […]


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