Kori Collons

Hi my name is Kori Collons, and I am a former D1 athlete

I am a Former Athlete who found peace in my life after my sport was done with me. Like many others before me and many that will come after I gave everything to the sport I loved and allowed it to consume me. I sacrificed my time, my health, and intimate moments with my loved ones in pursuit of my goals. I endured injury after injury and setback after setback. When it was finally said and done, I was forced to look at my life and redefine who I was.

I realized I am and always will be a mentor to show those that follow in my wake that there is always a path through the darkness. I am a lifelong learner constantly in pursuit of knowledge on how to better myself and better the lives of others. I empathize with others and solve problems uniquely well. My mission in life is to help to heal people from the things that hold them back or limit them in life whether that is physical or mental. Through the pursuit of my studies and reaching out in the community I hope to help guide the next generation towards a brighter future.