Keep Pushing

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The road to your dreams is long, rough and rugged but you have come this far keep pushing forward. Laozi said that,” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. You are already walking the path keep pushing towards your goal. I was watching a great video from Inky Johnson where he asks,” Can you be committed to the process without being emotionally attached to the result, in other words if you don’t get what you thought you were going to get are you still going to be able to work hard?” This was a fascinating frame shift for me personally because I know that I have traditionally poured everything I have into something and been disappointed that it didn’t work out. That being said it motivated me to dig deeper and work harder but there was always a slight lapse between failure and rediscovering the motivation to attack the obstacle again. The last few months I’ve shifted my mindset to this new approach and found greater success. Not only success in the actions but it helped to quell the highs and lows of the struggle. Now it feels that I am consistently building by simply putting in the work without being overly emotionally attached to the result.

Inky Johnson has an amazing story, he walked a path that wasn’t easy. He was on the cusp of achieving his lifelong dream that he had put countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into. In the span of one snap all of this was taken away. However, when you hear him speak now you understand how he was able to succeed and to thrive. He fell in love with the work, not just the end result. He speaks often of legacy and what it means that his children will be able to look on what he has achieved not for the sake of achievement but from the consistency and accountability to his word.

When he speaks on his injury now, he speaks about how that was a serendipity moment that led him from what he believed was his dream to what he now knows is his calling. The lives he has been able to touch as a result of that one horrible moment is incalculable. He found a way to use the skills he had acquired through a lifetime of athletics and leverage the brand he had created as a hard worker into bigger and better opportunities. People around the country and around the world tune in to hear him speak and tell his story.

It is okay to feel tired and burned out, give yourself a second to reset and find something that reinvigorates you to push forward. Remember what set you on this path and what it means to reach the end of the goal. Embrace the work, shift your mindset from the cost of the work to the investment of your time. Think of the dividends this investment will bring throughout your life. I wanted to attach a list of things you can do to help prevent burnout in your own life. Make sure you’re finding the time to take of yourself and your family. Inky Johnson said something the other day that really resonated with me,” Be careful when you are shooting for the stars that everyone you love doesn’t get burned up by the heat. What good is that promotion if you lose your family over it? What good is that corner office if you lose your wife in the process” This week I want you to write down your goal and be honest with yourself about why you are doing it. Post that in a place in your house and look at it every day to start your day. Remember why you are doing the things you do. Find a way to make time for yourself and those you love. I’m proud of you! Keep Pushing!

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